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Influence of genotype and soil on nutrients concentration of two Italian oat cultivars In corso di stampa Antonini, Elena; Diamantini, Giuseppe; Mezzolani, A.; Nanni, G.; Pierini, L.; Ninfali, Paolino
Oat germoplasm for food: quality characteristics in naked and husked cultivars In corso di stampa Ninfali, Paolino; Diamantini, Giuseppe; Lombardi, F.; Antonini, Elena; Nanni, G.; Pierini, L.; Mezzolani, A.; Redaelli, R.
Antiviral Properties of Flavonoids and Delivery Strategies 1-gen-2020 Ninfali, Paolino; Antonelli, Antonella; Magnani, Mauro; Scarpa, EMANUELE-SALVATORE
A morphological analysis of fresh and brine-cured olives attacked by Bactrocera oleae using light microscopy and ESEM-EDS 1-gen-2020 Lanza, Barbara; Panato, Anna; Valentini, Laura; Rodegher, Pamela; Bortolotti, Federica; Battistelli, Michela; Ninfali, Paolino; Gobbi, Pietro
Morphological analysis of the seeds of three pseudocereals by using light microscopy and ESEM-EDS 1-gen-2020 Ninfali, Paolino; Panato, Anna; Bortolotti, Federica; Valentini, Laura; Gobbi, Pietro
In vitro bioaccessibility of avenanthramides in cookies made with malted oat flours 1-gen-2019 Ninfali, Paolino; Mari, Michele; Meli, Maria A.; Roselli, Carla; Antonini, Elena
Alimentazione e agricoltura biologica: quali effetti sulla salute? 1-gen-2018 Ninfali, P.; Papa, S.; Vigano', E.
Natural and synthetic avenanthramides activate caspases 2, 8, 3 and downregulate hTERT, MDR1 and COX-2 genes in CaCo-2 and Hep3B cancer cells 1-gen-2018 Scarpa, Emanuele Salvatore; Mari, M; Antonini, E; Palma, F; Ninfali, P
Homemade tomato sauce in the Mediterranean Diet: a rich source of antioxidants protecting against postprandial oxidative stress. 1-gen-2018 Ricci, Anastasia; Antonini, Elena; Ninfali, Paolino
A Combination of Moringin and Avenanthramide 2f Inhibits the Proliferation of Hep3B Liver Cancer Cells Inducing Intrinsic and Extrinsic Apoptosis 1-gen-2018 Antonini, Elena; Iori, Renato; Ninfali, Paolino; Scarpa, Emanuele Salvatore
Novel insights into pericarp, protein body globoids of aleurone layer, starchy granules of three cereals gained using atomic force microscopy and environmental scanning electronic microscopy 1-gen-2018 Antonini, Elena; Zara, Carolina; Valentini, Laura; Gobbi, Pietro; Ninfali, Paolino; Menotta, Michele
Antiproliferative activity of vitexin-2-O-xyloside and avenanthramides on CaCo-2 and HepG2 cancer cells occurs through apoptosis induction and reduction of pro-survival mechanisms 1-gen-2018 Scarpa, EMANUELE-SALVATORE; Antonini, Elena; Palma, Francesco; Mari, Michele; Ninfali, Paolino
The histology of grain caryopses for nutrient location: a comparative study of six cereals 1-gen-2017 Panato, Anna; Antonini, Elena; Bortolotti, Federica; Ninfali, Paolino
The effect of mechanical processing on avenanthramide and phenol levels in two organically grown Italian oat cultivars 1-gen-2017 Antonini, Elena; Diamantini, Giuseppe; Ninfali, Paolino
Gli effetti sulla salute dell’alimentazione biologica: sintesi di uno studio del Parlamento europeo 1-gen-2017 Vigano', Elena; Papa, Sofia; Ninfali, Paolino
Betalains increase vitexin-2-O-xyloside cytotoxicity in CaCo-2 cancer cells 1-gen-2017 Farabegoli, F; Scarpa, EMANUELE-SALVATORE; Frati, Alessandra; Serafini, Giordano; Papi, A; Spisni, E; Antonini, Elena; Benedetti, Serena; Ninfali, Paolino
C-Glycosyl Flavonoids from Beta vulgaris Cicla and Betalains from Beta vulgaris rubra: Antioxidant, Anticancer and Antiinflammatory Activities-A Review 1-gen-2017 Ninfali, Paolino; Antonini, Elena; Frati, Alessandra; Scarpa, EMANUELE-SALVATORE
Comparison of reduced sugar high quality chocolates sweetened with stevioside and crude stevia 'green' extract 1-gen-2016 Torri, Luisa; Frati, Alessandra; Ninfali, Paolino; Mantegna, Stefano; Cravotto, Giancarlo; Morini, Gabriella
Nutritional characterization of naked and dehulled oat cultivar samples at harvest and after storage 1-gen-2016 Antonini, Elena; Lombardi, Federica; Alfieri, Michela; Diamantini, Giuseppe; Redaelli, Rita; Ninfali, Paolino
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 164
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