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Toward the InterPlanetary Health Layer for the Internet of Medical Things With Distributed Ledgers and Storages 1-gen-2022 Bigini, Gioele; Lattanzi, Emanuele
Decentralized Health Data Distribution: a DLT-based Architecture for Data Protection 1-gen-2022 Bigini, Gioele; Zichichi, Mirko; Lattanzi, Emanuele; Ferretti, Stefano; D’Angelo, Gabriele
Unstructured Handwashing Recognition Using Smartwatch to Reduce Contact Transmission of Pathogens 1-gen-2022 Lattanzi, Emanuele; Calisti, Lorenzo; Freschi, Valerio
Evaluation of a sampling approach for computationally efficient uncertainty quantification in regression learning models 1-gen-2022 Freschi, Valerio; Lattanzi, Emanuele
Exploring Artificial Neural Networks Efficiency in Tiny Wearable Devices for Human Activity Recognition 1-gen-2022 Lattanzi, Emanuele; Donati, Matteo; Freschi, Valerio
Machine Learning Techniques to Identify Unsafe Driving Behavior by Means of In-Vehicle Sensor Data 1-gen-2021 Lattanzi, Emanuele; Freschi, Valerio
A Prim-Dijkstra Algorithm for Multi-Hop Calibration of Networked Embedded Systems 1-gen-2021 Freschi, Valerio; Lattanzi, Emanuele
Decentralising the Internet of Medical Things with Distributed Ledger Technologies and Off-Chain Storages: a Proof of Concept 1-gen-2021 Bigini, Gioele; Freschi, Valerio; Bogliolo, Alessandro; Lattanzi, Emanuele
Evaluation of Human Standing Balance Using Wearable Inertial Sensors: a Machine Learning Approach 1-gen-2020 Lattanzi, Emanuele; Freschi, Valerio
Improving Machine Learning Identification of Unsafe Driver’s Behavior by means of Sensor Fusion 1-gen-2020 Lattanzi, Emanuele; Castellucci, Giacomo; Freschi, Valerio
Standing Balance Assessment by Measurement of Body Center of Gravity Using Smartphones 1-gen-2020 Lattanzi, Emanuele; Freschi, Valerio; Delpriori, Saverio; Klopfenstein, Lorenz Cuno; Bogliolo, Alessandro
Experimental Evaluation of the Impact of Packet Length on Wireless Sensor Networks Subject to Interference 1-gen-2020 Lattanzi, Emanuele; Capellacci, Paolo; Freschi, Valerio
A Review on Blockchain for the Internet of Medical Things: Definitions, Challenges, Applications, and Vision 1-gen-2020 Bigini, Gioele; Freschi, Valerio; Lattanzi, Emanuele
A Study on the Impact of Packet Length on Communication in Low Power Wireless Sensor Networks under Interference 1-gen-2019 Freschi, Valerio; Lattanzi, Emanuele
In-Band Controllable Radio Interference Generation for Wireless Sensor Networks 1-gen-2019 Lattanzi, Emanuele; Freschi, Valerio
On the Stability of a Hardware Compensation Mechanism for Embedded Energy Harvesting Emulators 1-gen-2019 Freschi, Valerio; Lattanzi, Emanuele
A Scalable Multitasking Wireless Sensor Network Testbed for Monitoring Indoor Human Comfort 1-gen-2018 Lattanzi, Emanuele; Dromedari, Matteo; Freschi, Valerio
A Hardware Compensation Mechanism for Embedded Energy Harvesting Emulation 1-gen-2018 Lattanzi, Emanuele; Freschi, Valerio
Fast Distributed Consensus Through Path Averaging on Random Walks 1-gen-2017 Freschi, Valerio; Lattanzi, Emanuele; Bogliolo, Alessandro
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 84
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