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Nutraceuticals and Physical Activity as Antidepressants: The Central Role of the Gut Microbiota 1-gen-2022 Donati Zeppa, Sabrina; Ferrini, Fabio; Agostini, Deborah; Amatori, Stefano; Barbieri, Elena; Piccoli, Giovanni; Sestili, Piero; Stocchi, Vilberto
Cancer Related Anemia: An Integrated Multitarget Approach and Lifestyle Interventions 1-gen-2021 Natalucci, Valentina; Virgili, Edy; Calcagnoli, Federica; Valli, Giacomo; Agostini, Deborah; Zeppa, Sabrina Donati; Barbieri, Elena; Emili, Rita
Nine weeks of high-intensity indoor cycling training induced changes in the microbiota composition in non-athlete healthy male college students 1-gen-2021 Donati Zeppa, Sabrina; Amatori, Stefano; Sisti, Davide; Gervasi, Marco; Agostini, Deborah; Piccoli, Giovanni; Pazienza, Valerio; Gobbi, Pietro; Rocchi, Marco; Sestili, Piero; Stocchi, Vilberto
Mutual Interactions among Exercise, Sport Supplements and Microbiota 1-gen-2020 DONATI ZEPPA, Sabrina; Agostini, Deborah; Gervasi, Marco; Annibalini, Giosue; Amatori, Stefano; Ferrini, Fabio; Sisti, Davide; Piccoli, Giovanni; Barbieri, Elena; Sestili, Piero; Stocchi, Vilberto
High-intensity Interval Training Promotes the Shift to a Health-Supporting Dietary Pattern in Young Adults 1-gen-2020 Donati Zeppa, Sabrina; Sisti, Davide; Amatori, Stefano; Gervasi, Marco; Agostini, Deborah; Piccoli, Giovanni; Bertuccioli, Alexander; Rocchi, Marco B L; Stocchi, Vilberto; Sestili, Piero
Effects of a commercially available branched-chain amino acid-alanine-carbohydrate-based sports supplement on perceived exertion and performance in high intensity endurance cycling tests 1-gen-2020 Gervasi, Marco; Sisti, Davide; Amatori, Stefano; DONATI ZEPPA, Sabrina; Annibalini, Giosue'; Piccoli, Giovanni; Vallorani, Luciana; Benelli, Piero; Rocchi, Marco B. L.; Barbieri, Elena; Calavalle, Anna R.; Agostini, Deborah; Fimognari, Carmela; Stocchi, Vilberto; Sestili, Piero
Gut Microbiota Status in COVID-19: An Unrecognized Player? 1-gen-2020 Donati Zeppa, Sabrina; Agostini, Deborah; Piccoli, Giovanni; Stocchi, Vilberto; Sestili, Piero
The “Journal of Functional Morphology and Kinesiology” Journal Club Series: Highlights on Recent Papers in Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior 1-gen-2018 Barbieri, Elena; Falcieri, Elisabetta; DE SANTI, Mauro; Natalucci, Valentina; Vallorani, Luciana; Agostini, Deborah; Annibalini, Giosue'; Laura, Stefani; Szychlinska, Marta A.; Giuseppe, Musumeci
New Insights into the Role of Exercise in Inhibiting mTOR Signaling in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer 1-gen-2018 Agostini, Deborah; Natalucci, Valentina; Baldelli, Giulia; DE SANTI, Mauro; DONATI ZEPPA, Sabrina; Vallorani, Luciana; Annibalini, Giosue'; Lucertini, Francesco; Federici, Ario; Izzo, Riccardo; Stocchi, Vilberto; Barbieri, Elena
Muscle and bone health in postmenopausal women: Role of protein and vitamin d supplementation combined with exercise training 1-gen-2018 Agostini, Deborah; DONATI ZEPPA, Sabrina; Lucertini, Francesco; Annibalini, Giosue'; Gervasi, Marco; FERRI MARINI, Carlo; Piccoli, Giovanni; Stocchi, Vilberto; Barbieri, Elena; Sestili, Piero
Concurrent aerobic and resistance training has anti-inflammatory effects and increases both plasma and leukocyte levels of IGF-1 in late middle-aged type 2 diabetic patients 1-gen-2017 Annibalini, Giosue'; Lucertini, Francesco; Agostini, Deborah; Vallorani, Luciana; Gioacchini, ANNA MARIA; Barbieri, Elena; Guescini, Michele; Casadei, Lucia; Passalia, Annunziata; DEL SAL, Marta; Piccoli, Giovanni; Andreani, Mauro; Federici, Ario; Stocchi, Vilberto
Truffle-Associated Bacteria: Extrapolation from Diversity to Function 1-gen-2016 Barbieri, Elena; Ceccaroli, Paola; Agostini, Deborah; DONATI ZEPPA, Sabrina; Gioacchini, ANNA MARIA; Stocchi, Vilberto
MIR retroposon exonization promotes evolutionary variability and generates species-specific expression of IGF-1 splice variants 1-gen-2016 Annibalini, Giosue'; Pamela, Bielli; DE SANTI, Mauro; Agostini, Deborah; Guescini, Michele; Sisti, Davide; Contarelli, Serena; Brandi, Giorgio; Anna, Villarini; Stocchi, Vilberto; Claudio, Sette; Barbieri, Elena
The pleiotropic effect of physical exercise on mitochondrial dynamics in aging skeletal muscle 1-gen-2016 Barbieri, Elena; Agostini, Deborah; Polidori, Emanuela; Potenza, LUCIA ANNA MARIA; Guescini, Michele; Lucertini, Francesco; Annibalini, Giosue'; Stocchi, Laura; DE SANTI, Mauro; Stocchi, Vilberto
The pleiotropic effect of physical exercise on mitochondrial dynamics in aging skeletal muscle 1-gen-2015 Barbieri, Elena; Agostini, Deborah; Polidori, Emanuela; Potenza, LUCIA ANNA MARIA; Guescini, Michele; Lucertini, Francesco; Annibalini, Giosue'; Stocchi, Laura; DE SANTI, Mauro; Stocchi, Vilberto
Effects of sex hormones on inflammatory response in male and female vascular endothelial cells 1-gen-2014 Annibalini, Giosue'; Agostini, Deborah; Calcabrini, Cinzia; Martinelli, C; Colombo, E; Guescini, Michele; Tibollo, P; Stocchi, Vilberto; Sestili, Piero
Ectomycorrhizal Helper Bacteria: The Third Partner in the Symbiosis 1-gen-2012 Barbieri, Elena; Ceccaroli, Paola; Palma, Francesco; Agostini, Deborah; Stocchi, Vilberto
Gene expression profile in cultured human umbilical vein endothelial cells exposed to a 300 mT static magnetic field 1-gen-2012 Polidori, Emanuela; S., Zeppa; Potenza, LUCIA ANNA MARIA; C., Martinelli; E., Colombo; L., Casadei; Agostini, Deborah; Sestili, Piero; Stocchi, Vilberto
The expression analysis of mouse interleukin-6 splice variants argued against their biological relevance 1-gen-2012 Annibalini, Giosue'; Guescini, Michele; Agostini, Deborah; DE MATTEIS, Rita; Sestili, Piero; P., Tibollo; Mantuano, Michela; Martinelli, Chiara; Stocchi, Vilberto
Effect of androgen exposure on inflammatory response of male and female vascular endothelial cells. 1-gen-2010 Annibalini, Giosue'; Agostini, Deborah; Colombo, E.; Martinelli, C.; Guescini, Michele; Tibollo, P.; Calcabrini, Cinzia; Paolillo, M.; Stocchi, Vilberto; Sestili, Piero
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 54
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