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Examining key components in table tennis performance involves analyzing accelerations in elbow and wrist rotations through a physical assessment of technical gestures utilizing inertial sensors an exploratory approach 1-gen-2023 Izzo, R.; Giardi, L.; Cejudo, A.; Cruciani, A.; Giovannelli, M.; HOSSEINI VARDE’I, C.
Statistical implications of the pick technique in a basketball match performance analysis 1-gen-2023 Izzo, Riccardo; HOSSEINI VARDE'I, Ciro; Righi, Eleonora; Cejudo, Antonio; Giovannelli, Marco
Analysis of peak linear accelerations expressed in the technical gesture of gyaku-zuki in Karate/Kumite, comparing dominant and non-dominant limbs, including a complete review of the subject. 1-gen-2023 Izzo, R.; Febo, M.; Cruciani, A.; Cejudo, A.; HOSSEINI VARDE’I, C.; Crudelini, E.
A rank-size approach to analyse soccer competitions and teams: the case of the Italian football league “Serie A" 1-gen-2022 Ficcadenti, V.; Cerqueti, R.; HOSSEINI VARDE'I, Ciro
Symmetry and performance index evaluation in a youth football group using the latest generation IMU 1-gen-2022 Izzo, R.; Seccia, R.; Giovannelli, M.; Cejudo, A.; HOSSEINI VARDE’I, C.
Validation of the new technology sensor fusion K-50 based on data integration detected by GPS 50 Hz and inertial sensors 1-gen-2022 Izzo, R.; Palma, A.; Cejudo, A.; Cruciani, A.; Giovannelli, M.; HOSSEINI VARDE’I, C.
Dynamic inertial analysis of the technical boxing gesture of Jab 1-gen-2022 Izzo, R; HOSSEINI VARDE’I, C.; Materazzo, P.; Cejudo, A.; Giovannelli, M.
Definition of physical-dynamic parameters in circular kick in Muay Thai through latest generation inertial sensors with a critical review of the literature 1-gen-2021 Socci, Michela; HOSSEINI VARDE'I, Ciro; Giovannelli, Marco; Cejudo, Antonio; D'ELIA D'ELIA, Francesca; Cruciani, Alberto; Izzo, Riccardo
Outdoor activity: orienteering, one step towards an advanced scientific evaluation of game determinants using latest dedicated technologies combined with literature review 1-gen-2021 Izzo, Riccardo; Giovannelli, Marco; Cejudo, Antonio; HOSSEINI VARDE'I, Ciro
Evaluation of differences at high intensity threshold and its performance value during the most valuable soccer championships in Europe 1-gen-2021 Izzo, R.; HOSSEINI VARDE’I, C.; Sopranzetti, S.; Cejudo, A.; Cruciani, A.; Giovannelli, M.
Detection of physical efficiency in footballers using a GPS 50 Hz and K4 Metabolimeter: a deeper understanding and literature review of metabolic power 1-gen-2020 HOSSEINI VARDE'I, Ciro; Antonio, Cejudo; SAINZ DE BARANDA PILAR, ; Gaetano, Raiola; Izzo, Riccardo
Video analysis evaluation of goal actions using a new tactical analytic approach 1-gen-2020 Izzo, Riccardo; Gagliardi, Marco; Raiola, Gaetano; Cejudo, Antonio; HOSSEINI VARDE'I, Ciro
Study and evaluation of the impacts on the saddle in the L4-L5 and S1 lumbar area during horse riding training session through the use of the last generation inertial sensor 1-gen-2020 Izzo, Riccardo; Convertini, Alessandra; D'Isanto, Tiziana; Cejudo, Antonio; HOSSEINI VARDE'I, Ciro
"Insurgence of fatigue and its implications in the selection and accuracy of passes in football. A case study”, 1-gen-2020 Izzo, R.; Rossini, U.; Raiola, G.; CEJUDO PALOMO, A.; Hosseini, Varde’I.
Performance Model Analysis of Armenian Premier League Soccer Players Using Global Positioning System Technology and Comparison between European Championship 1-gen-2019 Izzo, Riccardo; HOSSEINI VARDE'I, Ciro; Azzone, Vito
Analysis of the Physical Efficiency Index in football teams and correlation with goal events: A survey of the Italian Serie A Championship 1-gen-2019 Canapini, Lorenzo; HOSSEINI VARDE'I, Ciro; CEJUDO-PALOMO, Antonio; Izzo, Riccardo
The evaluation of the high peak of speed in footballers: Survey of all category from an amateur youth academy 1-gen-2019 Ricioppo, Bernardo; HOSSEINI VARDE'I, Ciro; CEJUDO-PALOMO, Antonio; Izzo, Riccardo
Player Performance Model, comparison between youth professional (U-21) and professional first team football players: Different external load or not? 1-gen-2019 Izzo, Riccardo; HOSSEINI VARDE'I, Ciro; G., Raiola; F., Santinelli
L’attentività nel processo di presa di decisione particolarmente negli sport di squadra, per evitare problematiche funzionali e biomeccaniche per una prestazione di qualità/The Decision Making Process based on the Attention, particularly on Team Sports to Avoid Perceptual Functional and Biomechanical Deficits for a Quality Sport Performance 1-gen-2019 Izzo, Riccardo; Biancalana, Vincenzo; HOSSEINI VARDE'I, Ciro; Palpacelli, Claudia
Analysis of speed tresholds in youth amateur football player divided by roles using GPS technologies 1-gen-2018 Izzo, Riccardo; Stefano, Franco; HOSSEINI VARDE'I, Ciro
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