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How many deficits in the same dyslexic brains? Behavioural and fMRI evidence 1-gen-2016 Danelli, L.; Berlingeri, Manuela; Lucchese, M.; Borghese, A.; Sberna, M.; Bottini, G.; Paulesu, E.
How many properties of spin does a particle have? 1-gen-2021 Corti, Alberto; Marco, Sanchioni
How Marketing Works in the Experience Economy: The Case of the Experience Gift Box Providers 1-gen-2018 Fortezza, Fulvio; Pencarelli, Tonino
‘How much I have loved that part of the world’: Agatha Christie and the Orient 1-gen-2006 Mullini, Roberta
How neutral is the choice of the allocation mechanism in cap-and-trade schemes? Evidence from the EU-ETS 1-gen-2018 De Vivo, Nicola; Marin, Giovanni
How physical exercise changes rat myotendinous junctions: an ultrastructural study. 1-gen-2012 Curzi, Davide; Salucci, Sara; Marini, M; Esposito, F; Agnello, L; Veicsteinas, A; Burattini, Sabrina; Falcieri, Elisabetta
How regional inequality affects fiscal decentralisation. Accounting for the autonomy of subcentral governments 1-gen-2014 Sacchi, Agnese; Salotti, Simone
How remote are R&D labs? Distance factors and international innovative activities 1-gen-2013 Castellani, D.; Jimenez Palmero, A.; Zanfei, Antonello
How semantic organization influences primary school children’s working memory 1-gen-2017 Giofré, D.; Carretti, B.; Belacchi, Carmen
How semantic organization of information in Long Term Memory LTM) influences Working Memory (WM) recall in children from 6 to 12 years 1-gen-2017 Belacchi, Carmen; Palladino, P.; Giofré, D.; Artuso, Caterina
How skeletal muscle cells die after chemical treatments. 1-gen-2012 Salucci, Sara; Battistelli, Michela; Baldassarri, Valentina; Burattini, Sabrina; Canonico, Barbara; Papa, Stefano; Falcieri, Elisabetta
How store atmosphere affects the purchasing intention of design products: The case of furniture. 1-gen-2021 Savelli, E.; Barbaritano, M.
How sub-lexical association strength modulates updating: Cognitive and strategic effects. 1-gen-2018 Artuso, Caterina; Palladino, Paola
How supply and demand shocks affect productivity and unemployment growth: evidence from OECD countries 1-gen-2018 Travaglini, Giuseppe; Bellocchi, Alessandro
How taxonomic and thematic associations in semantic memory modulate recall in young through old-old adults. 1-gen-2018 Belacchi, C.; Artuso, C.
How teenagers' relationships with peers and adults have changed in the pandemic. The qualitative study. 1-gen-2022 Pediconi, Maria
How to adopt an ambidextrous approach to face the economic crisis. A case analysis of an Italian small firm 1-gen-2015 Cesaroni, FRANCESCA MARIA; Sentuti, Annalisa
How to communicate typical–local foods to improve food tourism attractiveness. 1-gen-2022 Savelli, E.; Gregory-Smith, D.; Murmura, F.; Pencarelli, T.
How to explain diachronic variation of politeness. The example of German pronouns of address 1-gen-2020 Ehrhardt, Claus
Mostrati risultati da 16.043 a 16.062 di 41.676
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