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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Formal Methods for Web Services (SFM 2009) 1-gen-2009 Bernardo, Marco; Padovani, Luca; Zavattaro, Gianluigi
A Theory of Contracts for Web Services 1-gen-2008 Castagna, G; Gesbert, N; Padovani, Luca
The Must Preorder Revisited – An Algebraic Theory for Web Services Contracts 1-gen-2007 Laneve, C; Padovani, Luca
A Theory of Contracts for Web Services 1-gen-2007 Castagna, B; Gesbert, N; Padovani, Luca
Performance-Oriented Comparison of Web Services via Client-Specific Testing Preorders 1-gen-2007 Bernardo, Marco; Padovani, Luca
From Notation to Semantics: There and Back Again 1-gen-2006 Padovani, Luca; Zacchiroli, S.
Smooth Orchestrators 1-gen-2006 Laneve, C; Padovani, Luca
A Formal Account of Contracts for Web Services 1-gen-2006 Carpineti, S; Castagna, G; Laneve, C; Padovani, Luca
Compilation of Generic Regular Path Expressions Using C++ Class Templates 1-gen-2005 Padovani, Luca
A Distributed Implementation of Mobile Nets as Mobile Agents 1-gen-2005 Busi, N; Padovani, Luca
Interactive Editing of MathML Markup Using TeX Syntax 1-gen-2004 Padovani, Luca
An Investigation on the Dynamics of Direct-Manipulation Editors for Mathematics 1-gen-2004 Padovani, Luca; Solmi, R.
A Generative Approach to the Implementation of Language Bindings for the Document Object Model 1-gen-2004 Padovani, Luca; C., SACERDOTI COEN; S., Zacchiroli
A Math Canvas for the GNOME Desktop 1-gen-2004 Padovani, Luca
Mathematical Knowledge Management in HELM 1-gen-2003 Asperti, A; Guidi, F; Padovani, Luca; SACERDOTI COEN, C; Schena, I.
On the Roles of LaTeX and MathML in Encoding and Processing Mathematical Expressions 1-gen-2003 Padovani, Luca
MathML Formatting with TeX Rules, TeX Fonts, and TeX Quality 1-gen-2003 Padovani, Luca
The Gnome DOM Engine 1-gen-2002 Casarini, P; Padovani, Luca
A Lisp Subset Based on MathML 1-gen-2002 Xie, Y; Watt, S. M.; Padovani, Luca
A Standalone Rendering Engine for MathML 1-gen-2002 Padovani, Luca
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