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Getting Out of the Family Business and Taking Flight: The Metamorphosis of a Successor Daughter Who Becomes an Entrepreneur 1-gen-2024 Sentuti, Annalisa; Cesaroni, Francesca Maria
The ‘exodus’ from family businesses. How non-successor daughters form their entrepreneurial identity in the business families context 1-gen-2024 Sentuti, Annalisa; Cesaroni, Francesca Maria
Sustainability practice in first-generation family firms. Some empirical evidence from the Scanian wine sector 1-gen-2023 Nilson, Henrietta; Sentuti, Annalisa; Cesaroni, FRANCESCA MARIA
Does the “innovative SME status” impact on the financial structure of Italian firms? 1-gen-2023 Vannoni, Valeria; Cesaroni, FRANCESCA MARIA; Palazzi, Federica; Sentuti, Annalisa
Introduction to the proceedings of the piccolo impresa/small business 6th workshop: “New perspectives and interdisciplinary approaches to Entrepreneurship 1-gen-2023 Bocconcelli, Roberta; Cesaroni, FRANCESCA MARIA; Pagano, Alessandro; Sentuti, Annalisa
Rise and fall of a vegan food producer. What role for ethical values? 1-gen-2023 Demartini, Paola; Cesaroni, FRANCESCA MARIA; Sentuti, Annalisa
Sustainable Business Model Innovation and Firm’s Performance: a Multiple Case Study in the Agri-Food Industry 1-gen-2023 Di Toma, Paolo; Cesaroni, FRANCESCA MARIA; Sentuti, Annalisa; Correggi, Cecilia
Self-assessment of entrepreneurial competences by students pre- and post-Covid-19: Increased self-image as future entrepreneurs and the overcoming of gender influence 1-gen-2023 Cubico, Serena; Fucà, Romina; Ardolino, Piermatteo; Favretto, Giuseppe; Baratta, Rossella; Sentuti, Annalisa; Cesaroni, FRANCESCA MARIA; Pajardi, DANIELA MARIA; Leitāo, Joao; Cubico, Alessia; Bellini, Diego
Teaching Accounting for Sustainability: insights from innovative learning Erasmus+ practices 1-gen-2023 Cesaroni, FRANCESCA MARIA; DEL BALDO, Mara; Sentuti, Annalisa
Organizational Challenges and Enterprise Performance Management Redesign 1-gen-2023 Palazzi, Federica; Sentuti, Annalisa; Cesaroni, FRANCESCA MARIA
Food safety and innovation performance in Italian Agrifood sector - Abstract Conference Proceeding 1-gen-2023 DEL BALDO, Mara; Cesaroni, FRANCESCA MARIA; Ciambotti, Massimo; CHAMOCHUMBI DIAZ, GAIL DENISSE; Giampaoli, Daniele; Palazzi, Federica; Sentuti, Annalisa; Sgro, Francesca
Food Safety Climate and Drivers in Italian Agrifood Companies 1-gen-2023 Del, Baldo; Cesaroni, F.; Ciambotti, M.; Chamochumbi Diaz, G. D.; Giampaoli, D.; Palazzi, Federica; Sentuti, A.; Sgro, Francesca
Access to Public Grants During the Covid-19 Pandemic: What Are the Differences Between Women and Men Entrepreneurs? 1-gen-2023 Sentuti, Annalisa; Chamochumbi Diaz, Gail Denisse; Cesaroni, Francesca Maria
Food Safety: Exploring the Agrifood Italian case 1-gen-2023 Cesaroni, FRANCESCA MARIA; CHAMOCHUMBI DIAZ, GAIL DENISSE; Palazzi, Federica; Sgrò, Francesca
From daughter successor in the family’s firm to starting one’s own enterprise. A case study in the jewellery sector 1-gen-2023 Sentuti, Annalisa; Cesaroni, FRANCESCA MARIA
Through her eyes: How daughter successors perceive their fathers in shaping their entrepreneurial identity 1-gen-2023 Sentuti, Annalisa; Cesaroni, Francesca Maria; Demartini, Paola
Does Food Safety Matter? An Analysis of Startup Entrepreneurs in the Food Sector 1-gen-2022 Sentuti, Annalisa; Cesaroni, FRANCESCA MARIA; Cubico, Serena
La contabilità malatestiana e Luca Pacioli 1-gen-2022 Cesaroni, FRANCESCA MARIA
Imprenditrici italiane tra crisi pandemica e interventi pubblici di sostegno 1-gen-2022 Sentuti, Annalisa; CHAMOCHUMBI DIAZ, GAIL DENISSE; Cesaroni, FRANCESCA MARIA
Le imprese familiari e la sfida del COVID 1-gen-2022 Cesaroni, FRANCESCA MARIA
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 199
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