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Uncovering Technology Interdependences through Text Mining and Network Analysis 1-gen-2023 Fronzetti Colladon, A.; Guardabascio, B.; Venturini, F
On-the-job training, wages and digitalisation: evidence from European firms 1-gen-2023 Jona-Lasinio, C.; Venturini, F.
The determinants of AI innovation across European firms 1-gen-2023 Igna, I; Venturini, F
The long-run investment effect of taxation in OECD countries 1-gen-2023 Madsen, Jb; Minniti, A; Venturini, F
Intelligent technologies and productivity spillovers: Evidence from the Fourth Industrial Revolution 1-gen-2022 Venturini, Francesco
Capital heterogeneity and the Decline of the Labor Share 1-gen-2021 O'Mahony, M; Vecchi, M.; Venturini, F
Wealth inequality in the long run: A Schumpeterian growth perspective 1-gen-2020 Madsen, Jakob; Minniti, Antonio; Venturini, Francesco
Which skills contribute most to absorptive capacity, innovation and productivity performance? Evidence from the US and Western Europe 1-gen-2020 Mason, G; Rincon-Aznar, A; Venturini, F
Upstream regulation, factor demand and productivity: Cross-industry differences in OECD countries, 1975–2007 1-gen-2019 Rincon-Aznar, Ana; Igna, Ioana; Venturini, Francesco
R&D tax incentives in EU countries: Does the impact vary with firm size? 1-gen-2019 Sterlacchini, Alessandro; Venturini, F.
The impact of educational mismatch on returns to R&D: Evidence from OECD manufacturing 1-gen-2019 Igna, A.; Venturini, F.
Off-shoring, specialization and R&D 1-gen-2018 Bournakis, Ioannis; Vecchi, Michela; Venturini, Francesco
Assessing Piketty’s second law of capitalism 1-gen-2018 Madsen, Jakob; Minniti, Antonio; Venturini, Francesco
Modelling the joint impact of R&D and ICT: A frontier analysis approach 1-gen-2018 Pieri, F.; Vecchi, M.; Venturini, F.
R&D policy, Productivity growth and Distance to Frontier 1-gen-2017 Minniti, Antonio; Venturini, Francesco
Effectiveness of R&D subsidies during the crisis: Firm-level evidence across EU countries 1-gen-2017 Aristei, David; Sterlacchini, Alessandro; Venturini, Francesco
Editorial note: Symposium: Labour share dynamics in a comparative perspective 1-gen-2017 Perugini, Cristiano; Venturini, Francesco
The Long-Run Growth Effects of R&D Policy 1-gen-2017 Minniti, Antonio; Venturini, Francesco
We see ICT spillovers everywhere but in the econometric evidence: A reassessment 1-gen-2017 Marsh, Ian William; Rincon Aznar, Ana; Vecchi, Michela; Venturini, Francesco
Globalisation and the Decline of the Labour Share: A Microeconomic Perspective 1-gen-2017 Cristiano, Perugini; Venturini, Francesco; Vecchi, Michela
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 42
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