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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Adapting a Conversational Text Generator for Online Chatbot Messaging 1-gen-2019 Klopfenstein, Cuno Lorenz; Delpriori, Saverio; Ricci, Alessio
An Algebra-Based Method to Associate Rewards with EMPA Terms 1-gen-1997 Bernardo, Marco
Alternative Characterizations of Probabilistic Trace Equivalences on Coherent Resolutions of Nondeterminism 1-gen-2020 Bernardo, Marco
Architectural Types Revisited: Extensible And/Or Connections 1-gen-2002 Bernardo, Marco; Franzè, Francesco
A Bottom-Up Approach to On-Chip Signal Integrity 1-gen-2003 A., Acquaviva; Bogliolo, Alessandro
Branching Bisimulation Semantics Enables Noninterference Analysis of Reversible Systems 1-gen-2023 Esposito, Andrea; Aldini, Alessandro; Bernardo, Marco
Causal Reversibility for Timed Process Calculi with Lazy/Eager Durationless Actions and Time Additivity 1-gen-2023 Bernardo, M.; Mezzina, C. A.
Causal Reversibility Implies Time Reversibility 1-gen-2023 Bernardo, M.; Lanese, I.; Marin, A.; Mezzina, C. A.; Rossi, S.; Sacerdoti Coen, C.
Code Hunting Games: a mixed reality multiplayer treasure hunt through a conversational interface 1-gen-2018 Klopfenstein, CUNO LORENZ; Delpriori, Saverio; Paolini, Brendan Dominic; Bogliolo, Alessandro
Coherent Resolutions of Nondeterminism 1-gen-2019 Bernardo, Marco
Computer-Aided DNA Base Calling from Forward and Reverse Electropherograms 1-gen-2005 Freschi, Valerio; Bogliolo, Alessandro
Data Privacy Management and Security Assurance. 11th International Workshop, DPM 2016 and 5th International Workshop, QASA 2016, Heraklion, Crete, Greece, September 26-27, 2016, Proceedings 1-gen-2016 Aldini, Alessandro; Martinelli, Fabio; Suri, Neeraj
Encoding Timed Models as Uniform Labeled Transition Systems 1-gen-2013 Bernardo, Marco; Tesei, Luca
European Performance Engineering Workshop (EPEW 2010) 1-gen-2010 Aldini, Alessandro; Bernardo, Marco; Bononi, Luciano; Cortellessa, Vittorio
Exogenous and Endogenous Extensions of Architectural Types 1-gen-2002 Bernardo, Marco; Franzè, Francesco
Exploring the Dark Corners of Human-Chatbot Interactions: A Literature Review on Conversational Agent Abuse 1-gen-2024 DE CICCO, Roberta
Expressing Processes with Different Action Durations through Probabilities 1-gen-2001 Bravetti, M; Aldini, Alessandro
Extended Markovian Process Algebra 1-gen-1996 Bernardo, Marco; Gorrieri, Roberto
Filtering Obfuscated Email Spam by means of Phonetic String Matching 1-gen-2006 Freschi, Valerio; Seraghiti, Andrea; Bogliolo, Alessandro
Formal Methods for Computational Systems Biology (SFM 2008) 1-gen-2008 Bernardo, Marco; Degano, Pierpaolo; Zavattaro, Gianluigi
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 93
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